Semi-automated system for high speed electrochemical delamination for transferring graphene
from copper onto target substrate with regulated insertion speed and current in the circuit.

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Lab System: Samples up to 2in wide ( ~5cm)

Delamination system consist of:

  • Delaminator with crocodile sample holder and control panel
  • External current source for electrochemistry with all necessary cables.
  • Hot plate

Set does not include following:

  • Water purification system
  • Chemical reagents nor containers for liquids
  • Height adjuster
  • Spin coater

Technical parameters of a delaminator

  • 7 programmable switches to control speed and turn of its ride (upward and downward, from 0.01 to 1100 mm/s). Possibility to adjust the settings according to the client’s needs
  • Equipment optimizes for samples up to 2in (~5cm) width
  • Possibility to delaminate samples of size up to 6in (~15cm x 15cm)
  • Possibility to exchange crocodile clips
  • Light and compact construction that can be used even in limited space
  • Voltage 230V

5 reasons to transfer Graphene in Your own lab:

  • Safer – You don’t have to share technical details of your idea before Your product is ready
  • Faster – Full control over the transfer process
  • Cleaner – Each particle on the surface may affects quality
  • Cheaper – Please compare the prices of transferred graphene from commercial manufacturers, especialy for custom samples
  • Optimized – You will always know more about Your substrate and Your application than anybody else
1. GO – graphene oxide

2. RGO – reduced graphene oxide

3. PET, PMMA – poly(ethylene terephthalate, poly(methyl methacrylate)

4. SiC – silicon carbide

5. GaN – gallium nitride

6. CVD – Chemical Vapor Deposition

7. SEM – Scanning Electron Microscopy

8. AFM – Atomic Force Microscopy

9. Raman – Raman Spectroscopy

10. TEM – Transmission Electron Microscopy
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