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Please contact info@nano-carbon.pl for custom orders. Price depends on complexity of the process (i.e. when substrates require special treatment).

 Given price concerns 1 cm2 single graphene layer transferred onto substrates delivered by the Customer. Minimum order quantity is 4cm2.

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  • Growth Method: CVD synthesis in high temperature reactor (either AIXTRON or CVD Equipment / First Nano)
  • Growth substrates: Copper (standard), Germanium (for applications where metal contamination is undesirable), Nickel and others
  • Transfer Method: High-Speed electrochemical delamination. More info: Properties of Chemical Vapour Deposition Graphene Transferred by High-Speed Electrochemical Delamination
  • Coverage  >99.5% (please see attached images from optical microscope)
  • Number of graphene layers:  1, multiple transfer available – please contact for custom samples.
  • Grain size: Up to 1 mm
  • Appearance (Colour): Transparent
  • Transparency of single Graphene layer: >97%
  • Standard quality check: Raman spectroscopy at single point
  • Optional measurements: please check “Research Services

10 mm x 10 mm

1. GO – graphene oxide

2. RGO – reduced graphene oxide

3. PET, PMMA – poly(ethylene terephthalate, poly(methyl methacrylate)

4. SiC – silicon carbide

5. GaN – gallium nitride

6. CVD – Chemical Vapor Deposition

7. SEM – Scanning Electron Microscopy

8. AFM – Atomic Force Microscopy

9. Raman – Raman Spectroscopy

10. TEM – Transmission Electron Microscopy
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